MemberBoats Club Malta

Get access to the latest day boat models in Malta. 100% carefree boating - no hassle associated to ownership.

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    Our Boats

    Get access to unlimited sea time with top-industry vessels from brands such as Axopar, XO Boats, Saxdor and Sea-Doo.

    MemberBoats Club Malta

    Being part of MemberBoats Club means no other additional cost than for fuel.

    Unlimited use (all day, any day, every day and also after work) – no cleaning or maintenance – boats are fueled and ready for you to hop onto – full dock staff to assist you – pick any of our boats – boat year-round – explore the Maltese Waters.

    Each Member gets complimentary access to the exclusive private Laguna Marina Club. MemberBoats Club offers to teach you how to operate each boat and to enjoy a skippered cruise, at preferential rates.

    MemberBoats Club is all about flexibility, service and prestige.

    Marina Malta

    Our Boats 

    These boats are unique for the Maltese boating business but very popular in charter destinations like Mallorca and South of France. Choose the boat you wish to rent and travel around Malta, Comino, and Gozo at your own liberty.

    All boats are extremely seaworthy and safe, equipped with all facilities that one would expect to have when joining such a prestigious club.

    Boat Membership

    Each member is entitled to 2 pre-booking dates that are revolving once consumed. Any other booking will be a maximum of 48 hrs before use. Last-minute same-day booking will depend on what is available. A member can use the boat for 1 hour if she/he so wishes. There is no limitation on usage as long as the boats are used from sunrise to sunset. If a member would like to keep it overnight, she/he has to seek authorization beforehand.

    Members have to hold a valid Nautical License which is recognized by Transport Malta.

    MemberBoats Club will be giving a good induction course to all members on the usage of all the boats.

    Members have access to boats that are included within lower-tiered memberships levels (i.e A Splendor member has access to boats from Comfort and Sport)

    Fuel will be paid on a consumption basis.

    For more information on our Terms and Conditions, kindly contact us. 

    New Members

    New Members are subject to an enrolment fee which is fixed at 10% of the annual fee.

    Visit, Test Drive, or Rent a Club Boat

    The boats are berthed at the MemberBoats Club basis within the Laguna Marina at Valletta Waterfront. We can organize a viewing and also a sea trial of the boats. Please contact us to better understand our offering. Most interested parties found the concept very attractive especially in terms of price against unlimited usage and hassle-free boating in view that the boats are always ready to the highest possible standards. Add-ons (at an additional charge) include Seabobs, paddleboards, and other toys that go along with the boats.

    Maximum Availability Guaranteed

    By strictly limiting the number of members, including two revolving pre-booking days as a standard and offering our members the possibility to acquire additional single-use pre-booking days, our members will benefit from maximum availability.