We’ve done our best to round up any general queries you might have about MemberBoats Club. If you can’t find the answer to your question, we are just an email or phone call away.

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How long has MBC been in business?

MemberBoats Club was set up in Malta in 2020, and is a joint venture between Laguna Marina Ltd. and Mandaris Group Ltd. While Laguna Marina is in charge of operations, Mandaris manages the administrative side of things.

Do you have other MemberBoats Club locations?

All our boats are currently situated at the Laguna Marina at the Valletta Waterfront in Malta. We are working towards the establishment of other bases in Switzerland, and on linking other club operators into our network. Once this is in operation, members may opt for a membership plan that includes reciprocal membership, which will include access to boats outside Malta.

What type of boats do you have?

We currently offer different vessels and corresponding membership categories. Our fleet includes jet skis, a boat category of up to 25 feet, and another of up to 30 feet. In future, depending on demand, we may also introduce a category of boats of up to 20 feet and one beyond 30 feet. All our boats are some of the latest models, and will be replaced regularly to maintain seafaring standards. For further information on specific boats, please refer to the vessels section of our website.

Is there an official Rules and Regulations document available?

Our Membership Agreement includes a comprehensive Terms & Conditions section. This is updated as required. We encourage our members to review these in detail, with the assistance of an attorney if necessary. However, the Rules and Regulations are not subject to negotiation. In addition, you will find a copy of our Onboard Manual on each vessel, which will give you extensive information on everything, including guidance in case of any emergencies.

How long is a season?

MemberBoats Club operates all year-round and continues to operate outside the usual Maltese boating period of May to September.


What are the main benefits of joining MemberBoats Club?

There are two main benefits to our boating membership. The first is full control over your boating costs. Through your membership, you won’t be getting any of the unwanted surprises boat owners often face, such as repair charges, insurance fees and depreciation, to name but a few. Secondly, membership gives you continuity: the certainty of hassle-free boating for as long as you like. Simply sign up for your membership and, unless you opt out, your renewal is as seamless as any other subscription.

How do I pay for a membership?

The onboarding and yearly fee, as well as the security deposit, can be made as a single payment through bank transfer or PayPal. The unused security deposit will be returned to you at the end of the membership.

Once I join the club, will my annual dues/fees be raised?

The membership fees are directly linked to the member-to-boat ratio and the acquisition cost of the boats. Our membership fees may therefore need to be adapted on an annual basis as per your renewal date, if there is a material change. Each member may then decide to continue or terminate the membership.

How long is the membership valid for?

A membership is valid for a year (12 months). At present, we are not offering memberships of a shorter duration or for a fixed set of months. However, we do offer lower rates for those who choose to book on weekdays only, as well as the option to freeze the membership in case of any longer absences away from Malta.

Can I freeze my membership during periods of absence?

A member is entitled to freeze their membership when leaving the country for more than 30 days by sending a written notice to MBC by not later than 10 days prior to the requested freezing date, or based on special agreement in extraordinary cases. During the membership freeze, the facilities of MBC are not accessible to the member. The membership will be resumed by MBC upon receipt of a written notice from the member, and the anniversary of the start date is deferred by the number of days of the freeze, with 7 days less for each commenced 30 day-period.

Can I combine the jet ski and the boat categories of membership, and will I get a discount if I combine the membership?

Yes. You can have two memberships running at the same time, one for the jet ski and one for the chosen boat category. No discounts apply if you combine the membership and the separate membership fees. Onboarding fees and damage security deposits will still apply.

What does the onboarding fee cover?

The onboarding fee covers the operational and administrative process of accepting a new member, which includes up to two hours of practical training on our boats. This is mandatory for all new members, even if you have previous boating experience. Onboarding ensures that all members understand and follow MemberBoats Club routines and procedures. It also maintains the safest approach to which we are committed.

What is your member-to-boat ratio?

Our membership fees have been calculated on a 1-to-5 ratio for the Jet Skis, and a 1-to-8 ratio for the boats. We continuously monitor the availability of boats to ensure maximum accessibility.

Are club vessels rented to non-members?

Once the maximum number of members per vessel has been reached, club vessels are not rented out. This allows us to better maintain the condition of our boats, and ensures the highest possible level of availability to our members.


How do I make a reservation?

Reserving a boat is incredibly easy. Simply download our app and log in to your reservation dashboard to choose your desired date, vessel and time. Alternatively, you can contact the MemberBoats Club office by phone or email.

Does a reservation cover the whole day?

Reservations may be booked on an hourly, half day or full day basis. Sailing times are from sunrise to sunset, and you are free to choose the duration of your reservation within these sailing times.

How do I know if boats will be available?

Our reservation system is based on a smartphone app, and ensures that all members have equal access to the boats. Short-term reservations can be made up to 48 hours in advance. Beyond 48 hours, members can make two guaranteed pre-reservations. Each pre-reservation slot is on a rolling basis, and can be used for another long-term reservation once the booked reservation date has passed.

How many times can I go boating per year?

Boat usage is unlimited at your home location. The only limitation would therefore be vessel usage by other members. This is why MemberBoats Club limits the number of members per boat, and gives every member pre-reservation options so that there is minimum conflict throughout your membership.


Are there any usage charges?

None whatsoever. The membership fee is the yearly cost for access to the boats, and covers all other expenses. The only extra payment that is required when using the boats is fuel consumption.

During the first year of membership, you will be charged for onboarding as a one-off additional fee. This also covers the initial Safe Use and Operation training. Aside from these fees, you will need to pay a damage and security deposit, which will need to be kept in full throughout the duration of the membership. This will be refunded to you after termination.

Where can I buy fuel?

The boats are fueled by the club, and the cost is recharged to members. Your boat will always be waiting with a full tank.

Your exact fuel consumption is logged while using the boat. You don’t need to refuel after each trip, as this is part of our service. At check-out, our dock staff will register your personal fuel consumption. At present, we charge for fuel per nautical mile. However, a dedicated fuel station will be available shortly.

Where can I go boating?

The vessels of MemberBoats Club operate under a coastal commercial licence, which does not foresee their use outside the Maltese coastal waters. This is because Transport Malta regulations for commercially registered vessels require bulkier safety equipment outside the coastal waters.

Can I use the boats overnight?

Yes, though some restrictions and additional training may apply. We also require that the club vessel is moored at a marina overnight. Please contact the dock staff for further information on this.

Are water sports and fishing permitted?

Water skiing or any other similar activity depends on whether your chosen boat is equipped for it and on the applicable licence issued by Transport Malta. While fishing is not prohibited per se, the use of the boats is limited to coastal waters, and we do not permit that any catch is cleaned on the club vessels.

Who can I bring with me?

As long as a member is present, friends, family, guests, children, and colleagues are all welcome. Pets are also allowed, but conditions may apply.

Can I ask for a skipper?

The MemberBoats Club concept is a self-drive model. However, MemberBoats Club can provide a skipper on request. This service will be charged at the applicable hourly rate.

Health & Safety

What boating experience and licence is required?

Membership is open to boaters holding a nautical licence, who are 25 years of age and older. While Transport Malta recognises equivalent foreign nautical licenses, Maltese residents – both Maltese and foreign nationals – must be in possession of a valid Maltese nautical licence. At MemberBoats Club, we’ll be more than happy to guide you in order to obtain the Maltese nautical licence, or even get your foreign licence recognised by Transport Malta.

Please note that the recognition of a foreign licence or its transcription into a Maltese nautical licence is at the sole discretion of Transport Malta. MemberBoats Club has no influence over this process or decision.

How and when can I book a test drive?

You may simply message or call us to book a test drive. Test drives are subject to the availability of our boats. During the high season, test drives are usually carried out before 9am.

Do you offer boat training/safety classes?

Each membership comes with an initial Safe Use and Operation training of each of the offered vessels. In addition, Laguna Marina also offers courses to obtain the Maltese Nautical Licence.

What safety equipment is on the boat?

All boats have the required equipment as per Maltese rules. This includes life jackets, throwable floatation devices, first aid kit, fire extinguishers, flares etc. Boats are checked for this equipment by both the dock staff and members prior to departure. We also have an onboard manual which contains useful guidance in cases of emergencies, as well as plenty of other practical information.

How does the insurance work?

All boats in our fleet are insured by MemberBoats Club. In the event of an incident, the member typically pays up to 1% of the insurance value of the boat. Once the member reports the incident, MemberBoats Club takes care of the rest. The deductible amount will be taken from the member’s security and damage deposit, and invoiced to the member for any excess.

What if the boat breaks down?

In the event of a malfunction, we offer on-water assistance and towing.


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We deliver a luxury lifestyle at sea with our own personal touch. Enjoy our tailored service without the stresses and responsibilities that come with boat ownership. Your membership will include:

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Our members are entitled to unlimited usage of all our boats, full dock staff and a cleaning and maintenance service that keeps our fleet shipshape and ready to set sail at your convenience. We also offer full training on how to operate our vessels, as well as complimentary access to the exclusively private Laguna Marina Club.